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Today, one of the most common ways to migrate is to get work visa. Due to their level of education and expertise, people also try to build a better life for themselves and their children, and when they find their ideal living conditions elsewhere in this planet, they start to think about migration and start their new life. In this article we will try to introduce the general conditions of the work visa service to you.

Firstly, what should be known is the manner and criteria that the workers are classified based on and thus recognize your strengths and weaknesses in order to put your immigration program in the right direction.

Education: Almost all over the world, academic education is of the main meters for measurement. How well educated you are and what your achievement is, in this direction are very important and define a great extent of your migration plan. The leading fields of study in science and technology, education at prestigious universities, producing science, articles, and innovation, higher education, and level A scores are all cases that encourage the whole world to attract you. But, education is not the only criterion of measurement. The related work experience is another important indicator. The degree to which you have practical experience beyond the theoretical education demonstrates the degree of your efficiency and productivity.

Language: In addition to the English language, which is the most widely used language in the world, it will make you a particular advantage to acquaintance with the local language of your aimed country, and of course it is obligatory in some countries. For example, a nurse who is decided to migrate to Germany, must know the German language for both understanding and speaking, as it is with the lives of humans, and nurses need to have the correct understanding of the patient’s will.

Age: All of the world countries prefer young and active labor force, a force that has enough time to adapt himself/herself to the new life and job environment and can flourish its talents and the destination society can use his/her work force as well, before he/she reaches the age of retirement.

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